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Guidelines for Applicants

We invite early career academic researchers and tutors, research students at an advanced stage of their studies and those working in historical research institutes (such as archaeology centres, museums, and government and non-governmental agencies dealing with history, art or archaeology) to join us in a collaborative online learning programme comprising eight seminar discussions taking place between March and May 2021.

A maximum of 12 places is available on the programme.

To Apply


The call for applications has now closed. No further applications will be considered.


Before starting the application form please have the following documents ready, saved either as PDF or Microsoft Word (.doc / .docx) files:

  • A personal statement of not more than 500 words in which you explain why you want to take part in this programme. You should also tell us about yourself and how you believe taking part in this programme will help you with your future research. It is important that this statement does not exceed 500 words.


  • A written statement from one person willing to act as your referee. A referee's statement is sometimes called a letter of recommendation. Ideally this should come from an academic advisor, such as a recent or current academic tutor, or from an employer where you are employed in a relevant field (such as a museum, university or other research organisation). When you select a referee it is important that you choose a person who is relevant to the subject of this research programme. This referee statement should not exceed 500 words. It is a requirement that the referee statement also states your level of ability in speaking, listening and understanding, reading and writing in English. Doctoral candidates (PhD students) should ask their principal academic advisor/supervisor to write this letter.


  • A CV (also known as a curriculum vitae or résumé) giving your personal details, post-age-16 education to date and employment to date (if applicable). You should also list any relevant publications (if applicable). The c.v. should not be more than 3 pages long. Please do NOT include any of your publications with your application.

Prepare the above documents in advance as you will be asked to upload them during the application process. These documents must be sent with your online application. They cannot be added to applications later on. Applications submitted without these documents will not be considered.

The primary target audience for this seminar programme is doctoral students or early career professionals working in a relevant field such as academic research, museum or archaeological work who are based in or from the countries of the eastern Mediterranean or Middle East.

As this is a seminar programme you will be required to read, understand and discuss ideas in English. Therefore we require a level of proficiency in English at a level at least equivalent to the standard expected from a higher-level student at a UK university. We will ask for evidence of this in the form of a statement on your English language ability from an appropriate referee or in the form of English language qualifications.

Applicants must be able to commit to attend all eight research seminars and if necessary be able to provide written evidence they have permission to do so from authorities such as employers or educational institutions to which the candidate is affiliated.

The deadline for applications is 17:00 hours GMT on 8 March 2021. Late applications will not be considered.

Participation in the programme does not confer student status or other membership of SOAS University of London.

SOAS adheres to the principles of equality of opportunity and the university's equal opportunities policy applies to this programme.

SOAS will store your personal data in line with current data protection legislation and will contact you via email or phone to process your application in relation to the SOAS/Getty Medieval Eastern Mediterranean Cities as Places of Artistic Interchange Seminar Programme. SOAS will not share or distribute your personal data for other purposes than related to your application to and attendance in the SOAS/Getty Medieval Eastern Mediterranean Cities as Places of Artistic Interchange Seminar Programme.

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Medieval Eastern Mediterranean Cities as Places of Artistic Interchange